We absolutely love reading and seeing creative people produce and submit work for us to be included in our magazine or

If you are a artist, illustrator, writer or simply interested in being in the next volume of NR MAGAZINE please read these guidelines and contact the email below.





ARTISTS All artwork will be featured and credited. Please remember to: include your full name, age, location and occupation and website. 

PHOTOGRAPHERS we love receiving submissions to be considered for our online platform.

Unfortunately at present, all print submissions are request only. 

Generally if you do want to submit work, you can shoot as many people as you want in whatever setting, nudity is also accepted (subjects must be 18 and over only). 

PLEASE REMEMBER TO: include the names and social media handles of everyone involved, as well as a short bio about the model involved (4-6 sentences) and full clothing credits.

INTERVIEWS AND ARTICLES  If you are interested in submitting any articles for the website or articles for NR MAGAZINE VOLUME 07, please email us.

All Submissions for Volume Seven need to be sent in by 15th December 2017 to be considered for Print.

Please note that submissions are not guaranteed for publishing until a member of the NR team confirms.