marcus sivyer on alice and lily colfox

My inspiration came from the powerful bond Lily & Alice Colfox share. The images are meant to show some insight into relationship a pair of identical twins share. A relationship that is creative and contagious. It makes you forget about the selfish world you live in, run by profit and materialistic items, where the number one activity is Instagram-ing and taking pictures of food.

Whilst I was drowned in Colfox vibes, I forgot about all the irrelevant stuff. Instead I focused on connecting myself through creativity to them. Both effortlessly cool and relaxed in their facial expressions. I found it amazing that they are both beautiful yet wore their beauty with a humble touch. The images are real and expose nothing but truth. Their ‘I-don’t-give-a-fuck’ attitude to modelling is inspiring. They are pictured in their hometown, exploring places they used to play at as kids. Wearing homemade clothes and showing that nudity does not always have to be sexual. These pictures are a representation of freedom.

Photography Marcus Sivyer   Models Lily and Alice Colfox   Location Dorset, United Kingdom

All clothes models’ own and styled by photographer. 


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