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Perfume created by Jacques Cavalier Belletrud with packaging designed by artist Alex Israel

‘I chose my Lens sculpture for the packaging of Sun Song. It’s an eight-foot-tall sunglass lens, made of UV protective plastic just like those in my sunglasses.’ Alex Israel

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Sun Song

'All the fragrances I create are close to my heart, but this one is really special because most of the inspiration for Sun Song come from my childhood. I was born in Grasse, on the French Riviera, a city sheltered from the wind by mountains and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. For Sun Song, I wanted to bottle my Mediterranean world.'


Orange blossom, neroli oil, orange blossom absolute, lemon, musk

Cactus Garden

'Cactus Garden is another vision of freshness. I wanted to create a fresh perfume with a lot of intensity, but that was also soft and natural.'


Matè, bergamot, lemongrass

Afternoon Swim

'The Afternoon Swim bottle is blue, the colour of life. It’s the ocean, the sea, and it’s also the colour of the sky. This perfume is like a vitamin-packed shot of energy. I wanted it to have the same uplifting effect as a Vitamin C tablet.'


Orange, mandarin, bergamot