When did you start drawing and more specifically one line drawing?

I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. it’s always been my favourite way to express myself, it’s almost as if I have to do it in order to feel good or even to stay sane I honestly don’t know when I started with one line drawing. I thought it was only a year or so ago, up until I found one in one of my old school books from way back, so I guess it’s been a while.


How do you find the balance between the vision you have and the mediums you are using?

I still feel like I’ve only started scratching the surface of working with the medium and technique I’m using right now, which is really exciting because there are still so many things that I want to try and experiment with within the medium. I think this is one of the reasons to why I really love making one line drawings, because of the versatility of it. 


What inspired your style of work?

I’ve always loved drawing people and I’ve tried many different techniques for it. I think what made me fall in love with this specific technique is probably the difficulty of it. The challenge of capturing a personality and a feeling with as few lines as possible really pushes you to search for that core thing. It’s almost as if the less you add the more important the lines become. I’m always searching for that one line that will tell you about a movement of a body or the expression in a face. 



Where do you get inspiration from? Are there any particular artists, photographers, painters drawers you look up to their works? 

My main inspiration is and has always been people and they never seem to stop fascinate me. When it comes to other artists there are many that I look up to but the ones that inspire me the most are artist who has the ability to capture people and their unique personalities and characteristics in a photograph or drawing. To mention a few, Frida Kahlo, Diane Arbus and Jesper Waldersten are all amazing artist that I’m very into at the moment.


How long does it take to create a piece? What is the process being it?

When I make a drawing I can’t plan it too much in beforehand. As soon as I start to think too much it gets weird, something gets lost. I have to just go at it, quickly. I never make just one drawing at once but rather a LOT in one go. The actual making of a drawing is quite quick but then I usually only pick maybe one out of thirty pieces that I find interesting, so all together it’s not as quick of a process as it might seem like. 


 Would you say that there is a main thread connecting all your artworks and if so, which is it? 

I would say that the main thread is my almost obsessive interest in people. My hope is that everyone of my pieces will feel unique and have a individual expression and feeling. I always give them names as well that I think suit them, this also ads to the feeling of a unique personality captured in each drawing.


What kind of talks would you like to hear around your artworks? What kind of conversations would you like your artworks to spark?

I love hearing people discuss my drawings. It’s really interesting how people can see completely different things in the faces. This is the conversations I want to spark, discussions about feelings and emotions, how we experience them and how we understand other peoples emotions.