Claudia Valsells

“If I were to tell you about my art, I would say that an untiring quest for the reason of colour and its form has been my obsession throughout my career. For me, a new approach to colour comes into existence every time I construct one of my works. When creating harmonies I strive to convey particularity, rhythm and sensitivity. The ranges of tones shed all artifice when I fix them on the canvases in unique, unrepeatable organic forms, with spontaneous, expressive and irregular strokes.”

Claudia Valsells

Drawing inspiration from, while simultaneously enriching and nourishing, the worlds of architecture, design and interior design, her role for 20 years has been to transmit the value of colour and its texture in the decoration of spaces. Claudia Valsells has conveyed tones and textures in the painting of the Gran Teatre del Liceu opera house in Barcelona, in the decoration of luxury hotels around Europe, in the creation of two unique colour cards with more than 200 colour references, and in one-person exhibitions in various galleries and contemporary art collections.

She leads the way as a colourist and is a trendsetter in the creation of colours and tonalities in her country. Having started as a muralist before evolving as a colourist and painter, Valsells breathes life into her works as a natural part of the beauty of the material on the canvas. She combines colours to create rational emotion – thought and feeling in equilibrium – opening new paths in the quest for colour and its form.

At present, her work is represented by Barcelona gallery owner Miquel Alzueta, who exhibits her work in Spain and internationally.

I really decided to start painting when I was only 18 years old and the reason why I started was my familiarity with color. 

Since I was a child I was aware that my hypersensitivity with color was different from the rest. At that time I thought the closest way to approach colours in a deeper manner was through painting and particularly forms and colours. I would feel happy just knowing that my work connects with people but I don’t mind in which way it does that.

I get inspired from from what surrounds me. I am constantly amused with all the talented people I found on the internet but I also have some references from my Art history Studies. My soft spots are expressionism, fauvism and most of the contemporary art from the twentieth century. 

It is a challenge to balance the vision I have and the medium I use to express those. I have been painting for 25 years and thus my style of work has evolved. I am particularly interested in changing the concept of space with abstract painting. I work through the edges of the piece more than with the total surface. It’s a metaphor of the limits. Limits that we have as a human being, as a woman, as an artist , as a mother etc. Limits are always present in our lifes, in this world were we live. The way we manage those limits defines the way we manage our freedom.

Claudia Valsells