Volume Two (Digital)

Volume Two (Digital)


Volume Two of NR MAGAZINE focuses on Race and Culture. With over 100 pages of ad free content and exclusive fashion editorials, art work, interviews, docu-style editorials, articles and more.

Cover featuring Sasha Volosatov from Premier Model Management, Yvonne Chibueze from Storm Model Management + Suki from Leni’s Model Management. Photo Anabel Navarro, Fashion Sharkkana Pryce, Fashion Assistant Dejon Anthony, Creative Direction Nima Habibzadeh + Jade Removille, Make-up Grace Vee and Hair Afi Emily Attipoe


Contributing Writers

Ellie Brown, Maria Baker, Keoy Wan Hui, Vanessa Kintu and Lindsey Okubo

Contributing Artists

Amanda Bjorn, Caroline Denervaud, Tagen Donovan, Dominoe Farris, Aiden Harmitt-Williams and Christiane Spangsberg

Contributing Photographers

Niklas Bergstrand, Mateja Duljak, Sirius Film, Polly Hanrahan, Anabel Navarro, Eve Power, Donavon C. Smallwood Jr. and Kiu Ka Yee

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Download Volume Two on your phone where it can be opened in iBooks or alternative reading software. Additionally it can be downloaded onto your computer where it can be stored and be opened with any pdf reading software including your browser.

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