Volume Three (Digital)

Volume Three (Digital)


Volume Three of NR MAGAZINE focuses on Empowerment. 

The 'Empowerment' issue looks at all parts of society, bringing together men and women of all races, identities, sexualities and minorities. Volume Three has over 100 pages of ad free content and exclusive fashion editorials, art work, interviews, docu-style editorials, articles, poems and more. 

Including an interview with model and Gurls Talk founder Adwoa Aboah and Lina Esco, founder of #FreetheNipple  


Writers  Ellie Brown, Harriet Creelman, Mara Glatzel, Lindsey Okubo , Esther Poyer, Desislava Todorova and Keoy Wan Hui

Artists Anna Alenko, Ashby Bland, Selma Carlsson, Tagen Donovan, Rachel O’Donnell, Arianna Razzano and Chen Winner 

Photographers Ausra Babiedaite, Elisa Carnicer, Juliana Johnson, Dean Martindale, Ellie Rose McLean, Masami Naruo, Katy Shayne, Sirius Film and Marcus Sivyer 

You will be able to click on most items you would like to see in more detail and be redirected to purchase or browse alternatives from the designers themselves. 

Download Volume Three on your phone where it can be opened in iBooks or alternative reading software. Additionally it can be downloaded onto your computer where it can be stored and be opened with any pdf reading software including your browser.

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