Volume Six (Digital)

Volume Six (Digital)


Volume Six of NR MAGAZINE focuses on Talent

The Talent issue balances thought-provoking articles with artistic fashion photography and contemporary art pieces throughout, with over 100 pages of ad free content.

Curated with exclusive content featuring interviews with Benjamin Shine and Richard Malone, articles, editorials, art features and more.


Niklas Bergstrand, Jenny Brough, Toby Coulson, Michael Stuart Daley, Mateja Duljak, Cary Fagan, Theresa Marx, Tiffany Nicholson, Ricardo Rivera, Nadia Ryder and Mehdi Sef 


Yuki Chow, Luisa El Bouyahyani, Marialaura Fedi, Léa Fernandez, Fipe Gouge Merrall, IAMSAMO and Sheida Shekarian


Ellie Brown, Keoy Wan Hui, Lydia Chan, Rana Kelleci and Lindsey Okubo

Cover feauring Mathea Lucchini from IMG Paris. Mathea wears Givenchy Acti’Mine, MAC Face and Body foundation, Diorskin Star Concealer, Dior Flash Luminizer, SHISEIDO Full lash volume mascara, Paris Berlin l’ombre glacée 10, K-Palette Lasting 2way eyebrow liquid and ILLAMASQUA lipstick Blaze.

Shot by Niklas Bergstrand & Mateja Duljak

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