Volume Seven

Volume Seven


Volume Seven of NR MAGAZINE focuses on Freedom

The SS18 issue balances thought-provoking articles with artistic fashion photography and contemporary art pieces throughout, with over 200 pages of content.

Curated with exclusive content featuring interviews with Sander Lak, Sadie Williams, Harmonia Rosales and more.

Fashion Photographers

Niklas Bergstrand, Jenny Brough, Brent Chua, Lucas Cristino, Mateja Duljak, Petecia Le Fawnhawk, Jack Johnstone, Charlotte Lapalus, Rama Lee, Martina Matencio, Aaron Michael, Tiffany Nicholson, Thanos Poulimenos, Tasya van Ree, Ricardo Rivera, Nadia Ryder, Mehdi Sef and Julien Vallon


Bobby Clark, Steven Clark, Cary Fagan, Helen Galioto, E.J Hill, Rory Gardiner, Joseph Jabbour, Matthew Johnson, Monty Kaplan, Tyrone Williams, John Zabawa, Chiara Zonca and Se Young Au, 


Ellie Brown, Keoy Wan Hui, Melissa Roels, Katarina Silva and Lindsey Okubo

Cover One Djenice Duarte wearing Simone Rocha Photographed by Nadia Ryder

Cover Two Luca wearing GCDS Photographed by Niklas Bergstrand and Mateja Duljak

Cover Three Hayett McCarthy wearing Sies Marjan Photographed by Aaron Michael

Cover Four Mari Agory wearing Eric Javits Hat and Creatures of Comfort Dress Photographed by Ricardo Rivera

Cover Five Clement Puyoou wearing Prada Top and Trousers with Dior Homme Shoes Photographed by Brent Chua

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