Volume One (Digital)

Volume One (Digital)


NR MAGAZINE is a new bi-monthly publication which embraces current issues within fashion whilst combining high end brands and upcoming designers to create powerful editorials that illustrate the various ways these issues impact society. Each issue will deal with a particular theme. Our first issue focuses on how genders are perceived differently and how stereotypes and labels can often be a misleading representation of who a person truly is.  We worked with various designers, photographers, illustrators, writers and models to offer an alternative stance on gender play.

You will be able to click on most items you would like to see in more detail and be redirected to purchase or browse alternatives from the designers themselves. 

The first volume features over 100 pages of ad free content including nine fashion editorials and various articles with exclusive interviews, travel inspiration and an essentials section.

Download Volume One on your phone where it can be opened in iBooks or alternative reading software. Additionally it can be downloaded onto your computer where it can be stored and be opened with any pdf reading software including your browser.