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Andrea Kollar is an Austrian born artist, illustrator and art director. Drawing is what Andrea’s soul needs. She studied at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and graduated in 2008. Her visual language is defined by reducing the shapes of the female body to a minimum of lines while intensifying sensuality and expression. Experimenting with different techniques, Andrea always keeps her focus on simplicity and reduction.

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When did you start painting, drawing and creating and what pushed you towards it?

I have been drawing and painting ever since I can remember. It`s a fundamental part of my life.


How do you find the balance between the vision you have and the mediums you are using.

When I start drawing I have a vague idea in my mind. Choosing a special technique for this idea is like a natural instinct.  


What inspired your style of work? Where do you get inspiration from? Are there any particular artists, photographers, painters drawers you look up to their works? 

When I first showed my work many people told me, that my art reminds them of Asian artworks and calligraphy. At first I did not see the connection, although I had been studying Sinology before my art studies. I was so blind regarding my own work! Other people could see what I could not, because the process of drawing is so natural for me. Of course people were right: I have always been fascinated by the minimalistic beauty and intensity of Chinese calligraphy. Now I understand that a circle has been closed.

I have been admiring Egon Schiele since I was a child. He was born in a small town near my own birthplace. His art is so unique and his lines are just breathtaking.

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What is the process behind the creation of a piece?

Everything starts with a feeling I want to put on paper. The rest happens in a kind of flowing state.


Would you say that there is a main thread connecting all your artworks and if so, which is it? 

It´s all about minimalising, femininity, sensuality and expression. 


What kind of talks would you like to hear around your artworks? 

That`s easy. I want to spark thoughts and words about the magnificence of women.

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